Friday, January 20, 2012

On to the next great yarn adventure!

Look, it's a little blanket baby!  I hope it grows up soon!

  • Since I was so successful in a timely completion of my last blanket, I thought to myself "self, you should totally make another blanket, I bet you could do this one even faster, maybe shave off a whole week from you current record of 2 years and 1 week!" It just so happens that as I was diligently working on Pinterest (I've got to keep my boards full you know) I came across a beautiful blanket called the Wool Eater.  I promptly jumped to the blog it was posted on (here) and they have started themselves a little ole crochet along (CAL).  Well, I can't pass that up! I mean, it's almost like having a list of what needs to be done!  I LOVE LISTS!!!

  •  So, I got started on the little thing and it is looking so cute!  However, I did start very late at night and I had to redo that blue round that I am working on twice before I finally figured out the correct way to handle it! 

  • And, since I have the CAL, there is a handy dandy list telling me how much of my blanket should be done and when it should be done!  I am so excited!  I am a little behind, but since Paul is STILL out of town on his "quick 3 day job" that he left for over a week ago, I have some extra time to work on it this weekend!  I hope to be all caught up to the current date by Sunday! Yay!

  • Here is the schedule, I just started it and I am already done with round 4!!

  •  Of course, it will be more difficult and take longer for each round the bigger it gets, but that is okay, I am still excited!  
  • I have tons of other stuff to get done this weekend.  I am starting to work on the house, and I will be posting before and after pictures of each room as I complete them, even though the before pictures are completely humiliating!  I always say I am a borderline hoarder...erm...yeah, I think I crossed that line!  It looks so much worse in the pictures!! I even took pictures of my messy kitchen before it got cleaned! Ewww!  I hate cleaning.

  • So, come back next week and see what I've been up to, I am actually doing quite well about photographing everything so at least you have some interesting pictures to look at!!

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