Monday, April 28, 2008


  • What a way to start out your Monday:
  • Phone rings:
  • Me: Hello
  • M: Hi mom how are you?
  • Me: fine, what’s up I am just leaving for work
  • M: Oh…*chit chat chit chat*
  • Me: blah blah blah
  • M: well I was wondering…
  • Me: yes?
  • M: how mad would you be if I got married and you weren’t there?
  • ……..
  • ……..
  • .…….
  • Me: what have you done?
  • M: nothing really…
  • Me: did you get married?
  • M: no, no, this is totally hypothetical
  • Me: so was the ferret, the tattoo, and the baby growing in your belly right now…
  • M: well, we were just thinking of going to the court house and getting married and I wanted to know if you would be upset if you weren’t there…
  • Me: well, I will take off work and I will be there, but I won’t get mad at you for getting married, you are an adult and make your own decisions, so whatever makes you happy.
  • M: so you wouldn’t be mad
  • Me: why can’t I be there?
  • M: well you can, I just wanted to know if you would be mad…
  • Where exactly did I lose control?
  • Is it normal to start a Monday like this?
  • Can I get a Mulligan?
  • sigh

Friday, April 25, 2008

Inconsistent at best

  • That is all I can say about my blogging skillz.
  • Actually, that pretty much sums me up in a nutshell. I should add that to my blog description. It kind of goes with the rest of it doesn't it?
  • Ok, so, I think I have finally caught the "blog bug"!
  • I have found, and become addicted to...a blog. Yes, there is a blog out there that has grabbed and now held my attention for a bit now. I have not yet left her a comment, because I suck at blogging and I don't want her to see my pathetic attempt of a blog when she has the uber skillz that I envy. The blog to which I am in awe is . She rocks!
  • I read this book you see, and that got me there...but I digress. It all started on chilly evening at the Northland Stitch n' Bitch (see link here ). I was attending my 2nd ever meeting and had a great time! Thanks girlz, you really know how to make a gal feel welcome! So, at about a quarter til 10 (just before the store was closing) I decided to shop (we all meet at the Borders bookstore). I just had such a good time I decided to reward myself with a new knitting book. I was browsing through all the great books they had there and I happened to see one called "Drunk, Divorced and Covered in Cat Hair" and it just looked kind of...freakin' hilarious! So, I made that purchase and promptly went home with my book (it does have patterns in the back of the book, it just delivers them with more finesse).
  • So, I plow through this book, and before you know it, the book is done with me. I say it like that because, you see, I am NOT done with the book! I want MORE! I am pretty pissed because it is a great book, it is WAAAAYYYY to close to real life, and it ends on a damn "touchy, feely, I discovered myself" note. EWWW! This gal is way to real to actually live "happily ever after". So I hunt her down on her website and I have been blog-stalking her. She doesn't know it yet, because I am too much of a retard to post a comment. Well, and in my defense, I just found her site like this week, so I am busy reading all of her archives...from 2005!!!! So, I am trying to find the time to read a month a day...damn...this girl can talk let me tell you! I asked a knitter who I used to work with about what she thought about her, and she said "she's too wordy"! She writes! I think wordy is a good thing here!
  • So, in my cyber-stalking, I have opened myself up to what blogging really's talking! And let me tell you, I can talk! I have always struggled with what to blog, nothing in my life really seemed important enough or special enough to actually publish on the web, hell, I don't even really keep a journal, too much effort. But, now that I see, what others blog about, maybe I can be a blogger. An honest to goodness, do people actually read this, who cares what I have to say, I stubbed my toe blogger! I just have to talk about everything.
  • BTW...I reread and now HATE my previous posts, but I am going to leave them because they will show how lame and pathetic my blogging attempts once were and from here on out we will see what a wonderful and stimulating conversationalist I really am!
  • So now that we have started with the basics...where my blogging roots have grown from...on with the blogging!
  • Yes, I do it too! I work at a law firm as a legal assistant/paralegal I have been doing this for about 3 years and I actually fell into it accidentally. However, it is interesting work and I just transferred from the Country Club Plaza location (translation: can't afford to walk out of the building) to the Overland Park office (translation: Office park no temptation if I don't leave the parking lot). However, on my 1st full day at the office, I wanted to run to the Walmart on my lunch break. I got directions and it was just up the street, so I hopped in my little car and off I went. I got exactly 1 block up the street (yes this is walking distance in appropriate shoes) and what did I see. JoAnn's! I never made it to Walmart, I was drawn into that JoAnn's and spent almost $100 on yarn. I had to reward myself, for something great I did that day! I deserved it! Not to mention, most of the yarn I bought was for gifts for family members...except for that pretty bulky aqua colored yarn, it was going to be for a gift, then I decided it would make an excellent sweater for my first knit sweater project, which I fully intend to start before next Fall. How did this get away from work? Oh well, onward!
  • I LOVE my house! I think it is so cute! Of course, it is a mess! I am (as my key chain states) Domestically Challenged. I am the creative type, I create I don't un-create! So, I create the chaos and disorder in my home, but I don't un-create it! Seriously though, I get so completely motivated to clean and organize my house (yes, I even have clean dreams). I will be so pumped up and ready to go, but then I realize that I have another 4 hours at work and by the time I finish with the hour long drive home in traffic I just can't bring myself to do anything. It's all I can do to cook dinner for the clan. Speaking of...
  • I adore my family (insert mental image of June Cleaver in her heels and pearls serving dinner to Ward and the boys)! I have a fabulous husband whom I adore (2nd times a charm ya'know). I have 2 daughters. M - 19, high school graduate, cosmetology school graduate, and 8 months pregnant with my grandchild. She is living with her fiance at her dad's house, so I am not stressing about her right now. H- 14, her grades are getting better now, she struggled for a while, but she really seems to be getting it now. Don't worry, I will give everyone their own paragraph some other day. My ex-husband is pretty great too! It wasn't always like that, but things seem to work out and we are truly a dysfunctional family (he even went with my current husband and the kids and me on a camp out last summer). Yeah, my world is just that fubar!
  • Well, this has gotten pretty lengthy, so I am going to end it here for now, and honestly, I probably won't take the time to blog on the weekends. I would rather do it during the week, but I may surprise you!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Absent but accounted for...

Not entirely, but I have been from this blog. The holidays caught me with a vengence and it really just spiraled out of control from there.
Here are some of my updates:
Mariah and the baby are doing great (see ultrasound pictures)

She is having a little girl, and is due in June. I am really starting to look forward to being a grandma. It appears that Paul is accepting it a bit more too. We took some pictures of Mariah's baby belly the other day (it has graduated from bump) and she is looking so cute. I can't believe she still has 4 months to go, she is pretty big. She would totally kick my a$$ for saying that. hee hee!

Well, more later. I have tons more pics and more info, just not on this computer. I will log on my laptop tonight and get some pics up here.