Monday, April 28, 2008


  • What a way to start out your Monday:
  • Phone rings:
  • Me: Hello
  • M: Hi mom how are you?
  • Me: fine, what’s up I am just leaving for work
  • M: Oh…*chit chat chit chat*
  • Me: blah blah blah
  • M: well I was wondering…
  • Me: yes?
  • M: how mad would you be if I got married and you weren’t there?
  • ……..
  • ……..
  • .…….
  • Me: what have you done?
  • M: nothing really…
  • Me: did you get married?
  • M: no, no, this is totally hypothetical
  • Me: so was the ferret, the tattoo, and the baby growing in your belly right now…
  • M: well, we were just thinking of going to the court house and getting married and I wanted to know if you would be upset if you weren’t there…
  • Me: well, I will take off work and I will be there, but I won’t get mad at you for getting married, you are an adult and make your own decisions, so whatever makes you happy.
  • M: so you wouldn’t be mad
  • Me: why can’t I be there?
  • M: well you can, I just wanted to know if you would be mad…
  • Where exactly did I lose control?
  • Is it normal to start a Monday like this?
  • Can I get a Mulligan?
  • sigh

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