Friday, February 24, 2012

Bad Bloggy Blogger Girl!

So...I have been neglecting my blog.  But don't worry, I berate myself about it daily.  I have even started admonishing myself in my journal at night.  I figured a small post now might just get me started again, so here's hoping.

  • I'll have you know I have not been sitting around doing nothing while I have been absent...I prefer to recline on the sofa, not sit! LOL!
  • Seriously, I have been busy!  I have been pinning like crazy on Pinterest ..I have been making stuff and cleaning stuff and knitting stuff and spinning stuff and I have been working and napping...and other important stuff!  I even created a new board on Pinterest of the neat stuff I have found on there and have made or tried.  I call it Pinned it...Made it

  • I am also working on my triangle loom that I have been wanting for ages!  I should have it done by this weekend thanks to the constructing and measuring of the man! I am in the process of hammering in 661 nails...let me tell you, that is A LOT of nails!  I took video of it the other day because I knew I needed to blog about it and was just way to lazy to type it up so I recorded a video of it.  But I need to do a bit of editing before I can upload it.  I also have started processing a super gianormous bag of raw wool that someone has given me.  I think there is about 100 pounds of wool in it and processing it will be a lot of work, but not as much as I feared in the first place.  I am really excited about it!
  • That's about all for now, I will get the video uploaded and some pictures uploaded this weekend. I am dyeing yarn this weekend so I will get some pictures and/or video of that and get it posted.  You might like to see what the process looks like from my end.  

  •  Thanks for reading!