Sunday, May 24, 2009

Date night and darn socks!!!

  • Last night DH and I were supposed to go out with some friends of ours to dinner and then to go play some games back at their place, but one of them ended up getting really sick so they canceled on us. Then we got a call a little while longer that he needed to go to the ER and his wife does not drive, so DH and I went out and got them both and we were in the ER with them from 7pm until about 12:30am...a long night. I took my socks with me (great time to do nothing but knit) and I was cruising along on my socks when I noticed that about 4 inches ago, I dropped a stitch on one of my socks!!! WOW...let me tell you how bad that sucked! Since I was doing the 2-at-a-time, it would have been very difficult to rip back so many rows evenly to pick it back up, and it was so close to the ribbing that I just ended up ripping them both out there in the ER (grrrr). And since we didn't get home until around 1:30am, because when we were done in the ER we all went out to eat because none of us had eaten dinner yet, I haven't restarted them yet! In fact I am sitting here right now with my ball of yarn and my needles just staring at me, daring me to start a new pair...sigh!
  • Well, I am off to cast on and then dust the living room...yay!!! I think I will set a timer and knit for 20 minutes and clean for 10, that may be the only way I will get both done today. We are going to a bbq this evening and I won't be able to clean then (but I will be bringing my knitting :-)
  • Jules

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Do you think this means I have problems?

  • So last night I had a dream about knitting. Except it wasn't totally about knitting. I was at the beach with my daughter and she was playing in the water with the girls who's family was sharing the cabana. They were having a blast and I went over and started talking to the mom. She was sitting there knitting. Then I realized that I knew her, we went to grades school together and were friends back then. She was there with her husband and 4 daughters and she was pregnant with her 5th daughter. It was so great to talk to her and catch up and realize we had so much in common. She too had a knitting obsesssion, our kids got along great. We just really had a great time! We immediately became best buds and started spending tons of time together! She became my best friend and we had so much in common.
  • I realized that maybe I am missing a best friend who shares the same interests as me. I have several friends who knit, but I only see them when I am at knitting group. I have several close friends who I spend a great deal of time with who don't knit, and they don't get it at all. In fact, they usually make fun of me for knitting. That is tough. My oldest daugther is catching my knitting obsession, and she is one of my best friends, but she is also my daughter. I guess I am starting to feel very lonely. I know I must be isolating myself, but I enjoy my hobbies. I don't see any reason to have to give something up that makes me happy just so I can have a close friend. I want both!
  • Well, I guess that is what one would call my morning musings. Lame I know, but that is just what was on my mind. Thanks for reading!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Yard Sales, Graduation parties, Birthdays and Kickball

  • So, this was a busy weekend. Saturday I got up early with Diehard and we headed to the Grain Valley City Wide Yard Sale. Let me tell you, we only went to a few of the sales and it was crazy. There were so many people you couldn't even drive through there. It took us 45 minutes to drive 2 miles when we decided to go home. We did get a few good things, but it just wasn't worth the stress.
  • Then I went to my friend Debbie's house for her daughters graduation party. Let me tell you, I don't remember ever getting money for graduation! That girl walked away with $1100!!! Hell, I was the only kid in my family to graduate from high school and I think I may have gotten a few cards and possible $20!!! My how times have changed! I mean when M graduated in 2007 I bought her alot of stuff to get her set up for doing hair and nails, but I didn't give cash. Grandma gave M $100, but that was pretty much it. Debbie gave Kris $500 and the rest of the family showered her in cash. I am not sure DH and I even got that much for our wedding! Oh well, I ain't mad at the kid! Cash out while you can, pretty soon she will be working and not making that much for doing 10 times as much work!!
  • After the party we went out to dinner with Diehard's brother and his wife. DH has been helping them work on one of their rental houses so they took us out for Minskey's YUM!! We had the baby Cricket with us and she was just as cute as could be. She ate pizza and then showed off to everyone how well she could walk. She has such a great personality! She makes the cutest sounds! We kept her overnight last night and she was such a good baby! She let me sleep until 9:45!!!
  • Then today we went to our neice's 5th birthday party! I didn't get a chance to get out and buy her a gift so we gave her a card with $10 in it. I felt pretty bad because it was a Tinkerbell party and everyone else got her all this great Tinkerbell toys. She opened our card last and she saw the cash and started jumping up and down and was so excited. She even had her mom take a picture of her posing with her cash!!! It was so funny! We took baby Cricket with us to the party too. She doesn't do well around new people, but she ended up warming up to a few of the relatives, and she loved playing with the other babies! Again, she was miss personality!!! She is just so cute and so petite that no one can believe that she is almost a year old, heck, I can hardly believe it.
  • M was here when we got home so we knitted a bit while baby Cricket slept and then they went home. I took a 30 minute nap and then we went over to Larry and Anna's for dinner and kickball. We have gone there for kickball a few times, but I have never participated. I am too old and too fat and too out of shape. This time Anna made me play though. I had a great time other than the fact that I was the last one picked for a team. In fact, I don't think I was even picked I was defaulted onto a team. Oh well, I had a good time and I know I will be sore tomorrow! This was a very busy but very fun weekend!!