Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Looking for my track!

As I said yesterday, my train was totally derailed last week.  This week I may not be immediately back on track, but I am searching for the tracks!

I decided to start on the 31 Beginner BabySteps from the Flylady website.  I started last night and I figure if I document it here I may have a better shot of following through because I will be able to look at my progress and see when I derail again and maybe I will be able to get back on track a bit quicker if that should happen.

So last night I started babystep 1 which is shine your sink.  The idea is to start on day 1 and then keep adding something new each day until you have completed the 31 days.  So by the end of 31 days I have done day 1 31 times and it should be a habit by then.  It is retraining your brain to do the things that you should be doing everyday to keep your home in functioning order and to keep the chaos away. 

Day 1 - Shine your sink

I did this last night before I went to bed.  Now you may not think it is a big deal, but usually I don't have the sink empty, it is full of dishes that need to be washed and smelly sponges and dirty dishcloths and I don't even want to tell you some of the other things I have found in there.  So this is kinda a big deal for me!

Day 2 - Get dressed to the shoes + Day 1

I don't have a picture of me dressed to the shoes, but I did it and I even did hair and a little make up today which I never do!  First thing when I walked into work one of the teachers noticed and said I looked pretty today!  I was in a good mood all day.  I came home and relaxed for a while and then I got up and finished putting up the counter in my dye lab like I have been meaning to, then I washed a sink full of dishes and shined my sink again!

(see the clean dishes in the drainer?)  I also washed and dried a load of laundry and threw out some crap that was just laying about.  I am feeling quite proud of myself actually!  I will keep working and I will try to post daily!



Monday, September 2, 2013


Well, this week has been a train wreck (pun intended)!  I had so many great plans!  I even took pictures of the before mess of my dye lab like I said I would...it is still in the before mode :-(

I worked a ton this last week and it was such a stressful week that I broke out on my forehead with 3 pimples!!!  I know, big deal right?  Well I NEVER get pimples on my forehead!  I may get one or two on my chin or next to my nose, but never on my forehead!  I mean really?  I'm 43 years old, I am not a teenager!  Oh well, at least they are starting to clear up!

I would love to tell you all the gory details of my week but for confidentiality purposes at my job I can't.  Lets just say it involves an out of control student, a selfish parent, the police and a great deal of alcohol!  I do not want to repeat this week!

On to this long holiday weekend!  I had great plans!  I should never make plans, they never happen!  I woke up Saturday at 4am and couldn't get back to sleep, I went yard sale-ing with my mom and my daughter, then I came home and fell asleep at 2pm and stayed in bed for about 18 hours.  I got some awesome stuff at the yard sales, I got a Cricut Electronic Cutter for just $30!!!  I am going to use it to make these awesome journals for my craft show coming up in November! 

 Sunday I ended up just laying around all day and reading, I have read 3 books this weekend because I am easily distracted!  I did go to my mom's on Sunday for dinner and to visit with my grandma, we had a good time, I was home by 6pm.  Today was going to be my productive day!  Derailed!  I woke up with a killer headache and it has been so bad all day that I have been nauseous and sick all day!  Finally, at 8pm, the headache is gone but my stomach is still a wreck and I am wrung out!  So today...not so productive!  I did wash a sink full of dishes, but I still have a ton left to do.  I feel like I haven't cleaned house in a month!  Of course, cleaning isn't my strong suit, so I probably haven't! 

Tomorrow is a new day, so I think I'm going to try a new start and start the Flylady plan!  I have done it before and it has helped, I do have commitment issues though.  I get distracted easily and have always lost my way.  I am really going to try to stick with it this time.  I know it will help me and make my life so much easier.  Maybe I will start tonight since the first step is to shine your sink and I have been working on my dishes a little today.  I can do this!