Monday, September 2, 2013


Well, this week has been a train wreck (pun intended)!  I had so many great plans!  I even took pictures of the before mess of my dye lab like I said I is still in the before mode :-(

I worked a ton this last week and it was such a stressful week that I broke out on my forehead with 3 pimples!!!  I know, big deal right?  Well I NEVER get pimples on my forehead!  I may get one or two on my chin or next to my nose, but never on my forehead!  I mean really?  I'm 43 years old, I am not a teenager!  Oh well, at least they are starting to clear up!

I would love to tell you all the gory details of my week but for confidentiality purposes at my job I can't.  Lets just say it involves an out of control student, a selfish parent, the police and a great deal of alcohol!  I do not want to repeat this week!

On to this long holiday weekend!  I had great plans!  I should never make plans, they never happen!  I woke up Saturday at 4am and couldn't get back to sleep, I went yard sale-ing with my mom and my daughter, then I came home and fell asleep at 2pm and stayed in bed for about 18 hours.  I got some awesome stuff at the yard sales, I got a Cricut Electronic Cutter for just $30!!!  I am going to use it to make these awesome journals for my craft show coming up in November! 

 Sunday I ended up just laying around all day and reading, I have read 3 books this weekend because I am easily distracted!  I did go to my mom's on Sunday for dinner and to visit with my grandma, we had a good time, I was home by 6pm.  Today was going to be my productive day!  Derailed!  I woke up with a killer headache and it has been so bad all day that I have been nauseous and sick all day!  Finally, at 8pm, the headache is gone but my stomach is still a wreck and I am wrung out!  So today...not so productive!  I did wash a sink full of dishes, but I still have a ton left to do.  I feel like I haven't cleaned house in a month!  Of course, cleaning isn't my strong suit, so I probably haven't! 

Tomorrow is a new day, so I think I'm going to try a new start and start the Flylady plan!  I have done it before and it has helped, I do have commitment issues though.  I get distracted easily and have always lost my way.  I am really going to try to stick with it this time.  I know it will help me and make my life so much easier.  Maybe I will start tonight since the first step is to shine your sink and I have been working on my dishes a little today.  I can do this!



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