Friday, August 23, 2013

Finally Friday!!!

Yay!!!  I am so excited that it's FRIDAY!!!

I have the grandbabies this evening, and I have been super busy at work today and I really want to go to the movies tonight to see the new Mortal Instruments movie...but I'm not going.  I could go see it at the 11pm showing, I finally committed and bought cabinets and a countertop and chair for my dye lab.  I pick it up in the morning so tonight after the girls leave I have to get in there and clean out all the boxes stacked in the dye lab so I can set up the counter tomorrow and start working again.

I had found some counters a few weeks ago at RESTORE the Habitat for Humanity store here in town but Hubby said no because the dye lab was still full of boxes and we had no place to put them.  I tried to tell him that having the counters would motivate me to get it done, but he still said no.  So today I went back and found some different counters and I bought them and I only spent $53.50 on two cabinets, an old door for the countertop and a chair!  I go pick it up in the morning.  So, tonight I have no choice, I have to get the dye lab ready for my new stuff!  I'm so excited!  I will take before and after pictures and post them tomorrow!


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