Thursday, August 22, 2013

If you start the day with a dose of crazy...

So, I went to work in my pajamas today.  I know, I know, who wouldn't love that?  But, what actually happened is my best friend/boss called me this morning at 8am (I'm usually off on Thursdays) and said the health department called and gave 30 minutes notice that they were inspecting one of the centers.  She needed to be there for that.  We both live 30 minutes a way from the center and she needed to get her son to school at 9am.  So, she asked me to meet her at the center and pick up her son and take him to school (also 30 minutes away from the center) because she didn't have time to drive my direction to drop off her son with me. So, I jump out of bed and rush to the center to help her out because I love her and she is my best friend.  I get to the center and she is the with the inspector and just finishing up, she says "oh, I can take him, we're done here, but you can see what our numbers are and stay here and work" UGH!  REALLY??  I'M IN MY PAJAMAS!!! I mean, yes, they are cute and I totally pull them off, but I didn't even bring my work with me, I left it at home in my office there!!! 

Luckily our numbers were low enough that they didn't need me to stay and help out.  We were fully staffed and bosslady was coming back later this morning to give the teachers their breaks and stuff so we were okay.  But talk about a crazy morning!!!  Sometimes it is really difficult to not have a regular office job!

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