Friday, January 13, 2012

Friday the 13th is a good day for me!!!

Well, it has been 6 wonderful years with my wonderful husband!  This is the first year it has fallen on a Friday since the day we were married.  Yes, we intentionally got married on a Friday the 13th!  It was a great day and a beautiful wedding!

  • It has not always been easy, and we sure have been through a lot of tough times together, but he is my rock and I know that he will always be there holding my hand through the fires!  It has only made us stronger and happier!!  

  • Tonight we went out to a nice dinner and then went to the hockey game and watched the Missouri Mavericks kick the Allen Americans all over the ice!!!  We won 6 - 4!  It was a great ending to a great day!  And a great beginning to another fabulous year to come!!!

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