Monday, December 10, 2007

My new addiction

Ok, so I started something new in the past week and a half...I am totally addicted to spinning. No, this is not something I like to do at the gym, and I don't even break a sweat when I do it. I have recently aquired a drop spindle and yarn. This is what it looked like in the beginning:
Then I made it look like this by spinning it:
And finally I have my 1st ball of yarn!
Isn't it beautiful? I feel like a new momma I am so proud! Now all it needs is a little color and I will make something with it. I haven't decided on what to make yet, maybe just a scarf. I just don't know .
I will keep updating my progress as I spin and dye more. I will post what I make too!
This spinning is all part of my evil plan to get my own spinning wheel and have sheep in the backyard someday. Actually, I really just wanted to rush out and buy a spinning wheel a few weeks ago, but could not justify the $400 - $600 investment with zero experience, so I contacted a gal I knew at Fairwinds Farms and bought 2lbs of wool roving and her husband makes these drop spindles and sells them for just $7 so I bought 3 of them so I could teach the girls how to spin too! The wool roving was only $20 for a pound (that is a killer bargin) which is why I bought 2lbs. Not to mention I wanted to have enough of it in case I screwed it up or accidently succeeded and made something wonderful. I think I actually landed somewhere in the middle there.
Anywho, off to spin some more! I am going to buy some kool-aid tonight and work on dying this and maybe dying some raw wool before I spin it...that would be so cool! Oh, but it is going to be messy! Sounds perfect for me!

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  1. That looks amazing! I remember when I first started spinning; It's been a while! Congrats on your "baby" and make sure to post the dyed version. :D