Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Dear Diary

Dear Diary

Well, this week started out rather sketchy.  I woke up late yesterday having slept past my alarm. I had a skype call with my pal Emma and she woke me up and saw what I truly look like first thing in the morning.  She didn't know it but I had to pee soooo bad the whole time I talked to her but I held on! LOL!

I had such a busy day on Monday and Emma and I had set up such a good plan for me to get my routines in order.  I know that this is a good idea and it will help me in the long run even though I fight her on it all the time.  I am just so busy!  She doesn't understand it, she can't possibly know how busy I really am!  After I ended my call with her, I was supposed start my "healthy eating" yesterday, but because I didn't have anything planned and I had overslept that went right out the window.  So it was the take away for me all day.  I scrambled around and realized I had NO CLEAN CLOTHES for me or my granddaughter, luckily I had just purchased new underclothes over the weekend and we wore "reasonably clean" clothes for the day.  I gathered my stuff up and headed out to get my expired drivers license renewed.  I did make sure I had my birth certificate and ss card with me.

I get to the dmv and there is no parking it is sooo full!  I go online and check in and the wait is 2 hrs long.  So, I head over to my first stop for work to try to get something productive done for work, not only do I not have all the paperwork and reports done to finish the task we need, neither does my SHE boss!  We are a mess together!!  We spend 3 hours looking for missing files and never find them and then try to recreate what we are missing and then coming up with a new organization plan for next year!  I have missed my appointment at the dmv!  I figured I would just get it on my way back to town since it is open until 6:30 pm.  

I finally get out to my job at 2:00 pm.  I grabbed some more fast food on the way there and eat on the go.  Poor little granddaughter is just being dragged along with me on my hot mess of a day.  I'm at the office for about 3 hours before I have to leave to meet someone.  During that time, granddaughter is out in the daycare playing and has a melt down because one of the kids isn't playing fair.  She throws a temper tantrum and gets in big trouble and ends up in her room all night for being disrespectful, however, in this process I lose my temper (I know we both have this problem because the day has just been so bad).  We both calm down and leave the office and go to next phase of meeting someone for purchase, getting gas because car is on EMPTY.  

Finally after that go back to DMV and get checked back in and expedited to front of line.  I need proof of residence, like a utility bill.  HOWEVER! I actually cleaned out my purse the other day looking for a BENEDRYL because I was out (YES COMPLETELY OUT) and I was hoping to find just one on the bottom of my bag.  So, not utility bill in my purse.  So, no drivers license renewed yesterday! However, I did find out I have 184 day to renew and I am just 3 weeks past.  I will be doing it this week though!

I then left there and delivered items to both my daughter at their places so they did not need to visit mine and I finally made it home at 6:30 pm, the prescribed time to start my brand new routines!  I however did not do a single routine!  I did not cook dinner!  I did not do dishes!  I did not make lunch!  I sat my booties in that chair and nearly cried at the day I had!

I spent about 15 minutes feeling pathetic, then I got up, gathered all of the kiddos laundry and washed it all!  I even through in enough of mine that I don't smell funny today!  I still didn't do my routines, I just relaxed and watched a movie and crocheted a little.

Then this morning was a new day!  I woke up and I made a wonderful healthy breakfast!  I packed a delicious healthy lunch and I loaded the dishwasher and started it before I left for work.  Granddaughter and I both are wearing clean clothes and things are going much smoother and today has a plan! I like plans and I like positive outlooks and I like when it feels good and feels right!  I'll work on the routine thing, I'm sure they're not as stupid as they sound and they might actually be good for something.  UGH!  I just am going to hate listening to Emma gloat about this!

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