Monday, April 30, 2012

I love this part!

I love it when I feel rejuvenated and just feel like making a clean start!!  My mom just bought a new house and I was over there helping her today and it was just amazing to walk into a clean house with a clean slate!  There was just a few pieces of furniture, and it just felt so fresh!  We were over there cleaning the house so she can move her household in.  

So, now I am motivated to clean out my house and get rid of all the things!  I am going to have a yard sale in June, that will give me enough time to help get mom moved, and get my youngest through her high school graduation and give me time to clean up and clean out my house!  I talked to hubby and he agreed that our possessions are a burden to us at this point.  We need to get rid of stuff.  Even if it is something that we think we may need someday.  If we need it later, we can either borrow it or re-buy it at the time of need!

So, this is me, starting over once again.  I lost my job a month ago and this past month has been pretty difficult adjusting, but I am thinking I am going to be okay.  I think I can figure out how to save money by not working. I am cutting out the unnecessary spending and just going full ahead on living frugally!  I am reading The Complete Tightwad Gazette right now, I'm sorry, did I say reading, I mean memorizing!  Some of the stuff is out of date and a lot of it isn't relevant to my situation because I don't have young children at home, but I am pulling out all the little tidbits I can find!  If anyone knows of any other books that will help me on my stay home venture please leave me a comment  and let me know which ones to check out!

I am also going to be working on building my yarn biz up some more.  I have let if fizzle out this past year and that is just not helping at all!  I just have to be strong and make lists and stick to them!  I love lists!  

I'll let you know how it goes!



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